Only in Japan… “???? Art” 日本ならではの〇〇〇アート!


From July to middle August, fully grown rice plants are making the rural landscape stand out beautifully.

平泉駅の東、道の駅 平泉の前にある高館橋をわたってすぐの田んぼでは、5月に行われる田植えにおいて現地の方々が自由に参加をし、4種類の有色米を植え、稲が生長する7月から8月半ばにかけて田んぼアートが見ごろを迎えます。

In East Hiraizumi, there is a place you can enjoy only in Japan, “Rice Paddy Art” that is approximately 15-minute walk from the Michinoeki Hiraizumi (Roadside Station Hiraizumi) right after crossing the Takadachi Bridge.

This rice paddy art project begun in 2009 in Hiraizumi to grow the community and it has been a very popular spot for not only locals but also the visitors from the middle of June to the middle of August.  

They use 4 different kinds of artisanal rice (Yushokumai / Kodaimai) to create colors and only those who are historically related to the community will be chosen as the art for the upcoming year.

毎年アートは変わり、今年は平泉町と縁が深く藤原まつりでも東下り行列が行われる「源 義経(みなもとのよしつね)」が選ばれました。今年は大河ドラマにもなり話題になりました。

This year, “Minamotono Yoshitsune” has been chosen for the art who was a military commander of the Minamoto clan of Japan in the late Heian and early Kamakura periods. It is a rain or shine destination which you must add your trip itinerary when you visit Hiraizumi and is only available this time of the year so don’t miss out!