奥州平泉温泉 そば庵 しづか亭

Hiraizumi Hot Springs Soba-an Shizukatei


【価格】 朝食付1名様 ¥6,000~


Exterior, Front Desk, Lobby

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A ten minute drive from Chūson-ji Temple, this inn lies in the foothills characteristic of the Tohoku landscape.

Removed from the main roads, and surrounded by small hills, fields, gardens, and streams, this isolated inn is a perfect place to enjoy the natural surroundings, and you might just spot fireflies or some animal guests!

Stroll through the colorful flowerbeds and the gardens where over 70 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown for your meals. Seeing our ingredients raised with care on-site, we are sure you’ll enjoy the fresh bounty with confidence at the table. We are also proud to grow and mill our own buckwheat to create our home-made soba noodles.



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Our Japanese style rooms are 10 tatami in size, with attached sitting area. With an expansive view of the surroundings, guests can enjoy the changing natural scenery in every season, and as the sun rises and sets.

We also offer accessible room options, with adjustable electric beds. Additionally, throughout our building we’ve implemented gentler sloping ramps, accessible light switches, wide entrances, and well-lit bathroom facilities.

We hope that our modern improvements will allow everyone, regardless of their physical capabilities or cultural background, to enjoy the unique Japanese atmosphere in comfort and ease.



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夕食は3プラン いずれも名物手打ちそばが付きます。
〇自家菜園の野菜を丁寧に調理した 田舎会席プラン。

Each of our dinner options includes our famous handmade buckwheat soba noodles.

With the Country Style Kaiseki plan, you can enjoy expertly prepared vegetable dishes, all from our own garden.

Or, let us amaze you with an even wider variety of fresh seasonal offerings with the Maesawa Sukiyaki plan.

With our premium Kuroge Wagyu plan, you can enjoy wagyu beef sushi and steak slices from Japan’s top wagyu brand, Maesawa Beef, raised right here in Iwate.

For breakfast, we serve a colorful and healthy assortment of fresh salad, boiled greens, and pickled vegetables, all from our garden and prepared in-house, dressed with soy sauce, sesame and tofu, and sesame sauce. The arrangement and variety of flavors in our preparation is sure to delight.



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大浴場貸切/部屋食/全10室の小さな宿/天然温泉と採れたて野菜で 心が笑顔に戻りますように

○大浴場 17時までにC/INを終えたお客様には、夕食前のご入浴を、客室毎に「貸切対応」をしております。自然の中で美味しい空気を吸いながらゆったりと浸かれる露天風呂。日常を忘れ、体の芯から疲れを癒します。豊富に湧き出る源泉100%の湯はさらりと柔らかく、湯上りの肌にも化粧水がいらないほどしっとりします。

Our combination of large, reservable baths, in-room meal service, the privacy of a simple 10-room inn, fresh home-grown vegetables, and natural hot spring water is sure to bring a smile to your heart.

For guests who check in prior to 5pm, we accept reservations for our spacious natural hot spring bath to enjoy a private bath before dinner. Enjoy the natural air in the outdoor bath and soak your cares away as the water warms you to your core. This 100% natural spring water is gentle and mild, and will leave your skin moisturized and feeling soft and silky smooth.


About us

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笑顔になれる菜園を作っている「そば庵 湯宿 しづか亭」
菜園には、50種を超える野菜や果樹が栽培され、スタッフと一緒に歩く「朝さんぽ」がオススメ。ご自分で収穫した野菜を「朝食でいただく」贅沢と美味しさを 体験してほしい。

At Shizuka-tei, our garden always makes you grin!

Try joining our staff for a morning walk in the garden before breakfast. As we introduce you to the dozens of different vegetables and fruits, you are welcome to try picking your own, which we will then prepare for your breakfast. All ages will enjoy the feel of the soil, the wind, the morning air, and the birdsong as you experience our natural surroundings with all your senses, before finally enjoying the fresh fruits of your labor at the breakfast table.

The service is provided free of charge, and the farm-to-table experience is something that simply won’t be found elsewhere



  奥州平泉温泉 そば庵 しづか亭


  電話  0191-34-2211
  HP    https://shizukatei.com/