Spring is coming! 春を楽しみに


While the chilly weather may still be sticking around for a little longer, spring is on the way in Hiraizumi as the temperature creeps up bit by bit and the snowbanks start to recede day by day. Has anyone made plans for the warmer weather? Now’s the time to look ahead! How about a few ideas of things to come in the next few months?

Spring in the garden at Mōtsū-ji Temple




First of all, with the weather starting to improve, and the sidewalks cleared of snow buildup, it gets to be an excellent time to enjoy the outdoors! Most of Hiraizumi’s local attractions are reachable by bike, and with rentals available right outside the train station, it’s easy to get riding and enjoy the warm sun and see the fresh greenery. The closer attractions are only a 10-15 minute ride, but you can also enjoy the scenic 40 minute ride through the countryside to Takkoku-no-Iwaya Temple, now that the road is clear of snow.

The next thing that comes to mind is the Hiraizumi Walking Trail, the course that winds around the back of the mountainside between Chuson-ji and Motsu-ji Temples. The trail is snowed in during the winter, but when spring rolls around, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the mellow weather to enjoy a brief hike.

Spring is also the time to enjoy the sakura (or Japanese cherry tree) blossoms, which are typically at their best during the last few weeks of April. The sakura is Hiraizumi’s official town tree, and you can spot the lovely blossoms everywhere you look while in season, making it all the better that you can take your time on foot or on bike. Be sure to try the main road towards Chūson-ji, which is lined on both sides with sakura trees, making for an excellent view.

The abundantly blooming sakura blossoms lined along the main road

そして、5月1日~5日にかけて、春の藤原まつりが開かれます。様々な伝統芸能の舞いを町内各地で見られる他、「源義経公 東下り行列」も行われます。大人気のこの行列は、源義経が平泉にたどり着いた時の様子が再現され、毎年多くの観光客や町民が観覧に訪れます。

And of course, during May 1st-5th every year, the Spring Fujiwara Festival is held. The festival includes several events, such as traditional performing art exhibitions, but the most popular is the Yoshitsune’s Eastern Flight parade, a re-enactment depicting popular historical figure Minamoto no Yoshitsune’s arrival in Hiraizumi.

Dressed in period costumes, participants in the Eastern Flight parade march through Hiraizumi.


What are you looking forwards to experiencing this spring in Hiraizumi? Now’s the time to start making plans!